So the day has come, you have spent time money, some blood, sweat (if it’s summer), tears (you don’t have to, but you might have, this is a judgment-free zone).  You have chosen an army to focus on.  You have focused, built and painted, and now you are thinking that you might want to take them out on parade, or to a friends house for a game, or….. a shop or club. You’re going to need a means of transport.

Now let’s face it if you are anything like me you have spent months on these bad boys, and the thought of taking these, in my mind at least, masterpieces (I’m joking, but a lot of invested time) into the world fills you with a mild anxiety.

You go online and realise that some of the solutions readily available seem to cost almost as much as the army you have just painted, and for me, that is money that could be better spent on more miniatures.

So I looked for a cheaper solution, and with a lucky find in the scrap store by my wife, in the end, it cost £15.00.


1 x Tool Box (£6.00)

1 x Scrap store membership (£5.00 annually)

Some egg box style foam

1 x Stanley knife or equivalent (careful now, they are sharp and that)

1 x Sharpy marker (any marker will do)

Step 1

Assemble your equipment. The toolbox I got from Wilko.  The foam came from the Dorset Scrap Store. The knife I already had, as well as the sharpy.


Step 2

Use the toolbox to mark a template on the foam with the sharpie marker

Step 3

Cut out the marked area.

Step 4

Repeat as necessary.

By the end, you will have a carry case that you can use to transport your precious mini’s and their related fluff for all your tabletop transporting desires.