A method for unfucking shit up – stripping paint from your miniatures.

Starting again, the third time

So as mentioned in my previous post Embracing the Swear, I can be a little indecisive. At this time the powers that be, Games Workshop have announced that they are going to be releasing the Space Wolf Codex. I am excited about this. They were my first army, and this means that the new beefy marines will be added into their lists…

But wait… I only have a limited budget. As mentioned in the How Not to Pick Your Army post I had already bought a squad, a start collecting box. A buddy had given me dreadnought. So I had a patrol level force for Space Wolves.

So when I got the Dark Imperium box set I decided to pant them as…. Dark Angels…

As I said, indecisive.

I got to thinking, I added the points up and found that if I added the points up, and repainted them then I had accidentally collected a sizeable army, however they couldn’t agree on a colour scheme.
I decided to repaint them all as Space Wolves.

Now if you are going to operate like this moron, you’ll need a geed method on how to restart your process. Below are my current and cost-effective method for stripping the paint of your miniatures, meaning that if like me you are prone to changing your mind, you can have as many opportunities for this as you like.


1 x Yoghurt Pot (big, no-one has time to strip one mini at a time)
1 x cheap ass toothbrush (not for use in any human orifice)
1 x Toothpick
1 x bottle Methylated spirit (or 2 depending on how many models you want to strip.)
Cling film
Glove – or gloves if you prefer
Kitchen roll

I got the Methylated spirit from a useful shop called Wilko… you can probably buy shit tonnes of the stuff from a DIY shop but I don’t have one close by it is only 3.50 for 500ml and I have managed to sort out most of my space marines.

Methylated Spirit

The key ingredient


Step 1
Take your yoghurt pot and add the desired number of miniatures.

Step 2
Add the methylated spirit, enough to cover the miniatures. 3 things to bear in mind while contemplating the amount, pets and kids, and life in general; don’t overfill the container. No one likes spilling virtually pure alcohol infused with acrylic paint over them.

Useful yogurt pot

Step 3
Cover with cling film. It is alcohol. Alcohol evaporates. If you are on a budget you can store the methylated spirit in a plastic bottle and reuse it.

Step 4
Wait. It’ll only take a few hours. So far in my experience, life has a way of distracting. But not to worry the last bunch I did I left for a week and the alcohol did not seem to have an effect on the glue, just the paint.

Step 5
Take your mini out of its alcohol bath, wear gloves… (Actually, I’m going to add them to list of kit needed.) Grab your toothbrush and gently start scrubbing the model. Use some kitchen roll, this bit gets messy (you know what, I’m adding this to the list too). If you have some hard to reach bits get in there with the toothpick…

Soaked mini

Step 6
Rinse and allow to dry. And now you have one mini ready to prime and go off on its next painting adventure.

stripped Mini

In all, it probably cost me less than £5.00 to get all the bits and probably saved me in excess of £50.00 in miniatures. I have read that people have used Dettol to the same effect.  I tried it, it works, but it smells and will create the stickiest substance known to man if mixed with water.


What are your methods for stripping your mini’s?