Before I got back into the Mini Painting, about 2 years ago I tried to become a firefighter. I went into the fitness preparation with relish. I am dyslexic but stubborn and so I did the tests to see if I hit the criteria. Surprised myself that I passed the initial tests and was invited to take part in the fitness test.

I threw everything at getting ready for this. There was a focus I hadn’t felt for years. I didn’t expect to pass the initial tests and hadn’t prepped. So I was going to prep the crap out of getting ready for the fitness test.

Finally, the day of the test came, I had done all that I could. I passed the medical and the grip test, I was feeling buoyant, just the beep test and then onto the next stage. I had never prepped this hard for anything. I was ready… I thought.

I wasn’t ready. I missed the last beep and with that, the competition for the post was so high they had to pick the best, and this time that wasn’t me.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Waking up the next day I found my knee had swollen up. A couple of days later my shin filled with fluid and the doc sent me straight to the hospital to get it checked. The doc was in worst-case-scenario mode at the time. Luckily, I had burst the bursa in my knee. More signs that this wasn’t my time. I was still determined to get back up and running.

6 months and my knees were still stiff, they sent for more tests and then a year ago I was told that I had psoriatic arthritis.

It is a struggle to stay focused and the meds they have me on make feel a little nauseous most of the time. Especially when you are uncomfortable most of the time. I find that the support from my wife is so very helpful. She always tries to look on the lighter side, and keep me up.

Coming soon…

Staying on Point (Keep on Mini Painting)

This is where the hobby has also helped as well. The painting acts as a meditative period. I am just focused on one action. Recently I got some compression gloves that help my knuckles. These help my aches. 

The mental stillness that helps a lot and nothing beats the sense when you manage to focus to the point of finishing a Mini Painting project to the point you are happy with. And the community is so supportive. The other day I was in a Warhammer store looking for a particular set of models and they were so happy to help they were recommending that I check the other indie stores in the area and giving me their addresses to try to help.

I am still determined when I am fit again to try for the test. But in the meantime, Mini Painting has helped me to not get too distracted It has helped me stay calm and between the hobby and my wife’s support I have managed to find a new focus to try to finally choose what I want to be as a grown-up.