Lots of entertaining stuff can be found via the internet.

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Entertaining your good self (the art of not going batshit whilst doing your hobby)

So, you got your army. You’re sat there staring at a big pile of sprue and you think, ‘dear god… that is going to take a shit ton of time to stick them all together and paint.’ Worry not, we have what you need. What you need ladies, gents, guys, and dolls is some entertaining stuff to keep you focused.

We live in a wonderful age of broadband fiber-optical informational goodness and plenty. this is just a short post about some of the youtube channels I have come across that are entertaining, they are table-top and miniature focused.

I have found when doing my Mini army to keep my inspiration going and to prevent permanent-eye- crossedness and a stiff neck, are a series of youtube channels that are brilliant’ varied and inspirational.

Tabletop Minions – I came across this channel purely by accident, there I was trying to find a video for a technique or something, blindly trying to find how to do it like the digital equivalent of a racoon looking for a midnight snack, when all of a sudden a friendly bearded face started telling me why he liked tabletop games… this channel is ace! you have thoughts, commentary and techniques from Uncle Atom ( the friendly Bearded face) all delivered in an entertaining way, the channel also has a series where Sam Lenz talks through some of the minis he paints and the techniques he uses, as well as the every other Sunday show that is a live stream with Uncle Atom engaging with other hobbyists.  There is a companion Facebook page called the Table Top Minions Paint Showcase, possibly the friendliest, most helpful Facebook community on the whole site.  I have learned a lot through this channel and my wife also came to a better understanding about why I was returning to the hobby. I’ll leave a link to the youtube channel right here… pachow.

Miniac – this dude is possibly one of the most enthusiastic peoples of the internet, I love watching his vids as I always learn something.  He has loads of vids showcasing techniques and even has a series where he emulates the ‘eavy metal painting styles. Scott ‘the mini maniac’ delivers knowledge-bombs in tight creative doses, never getting dull or patronising… and he has a cool logo.

Next Level Painting – Kenny Boucher is an airbrush wizard. The dude seems to apply paint schemes like magic with no sweat needed. He teaches you how to breakdown clean and maintain your airbrush and does it in an engaging way. I like the way his vids are delivered. I am new to airbrushing and I watched quite a few vids about it, and it was still going wrong… when I found this channel everything started clicking, might have been those ancient Chinese techniques. I was a much happier airbrusherist(?) after his vids.

The other vids that I listen too are more 40k lore based. They can set help set the tone for the army/faction that you are trying to build. Tactica Imperialis and One Mind Syndicate. Both of these channels have deep dives into the lore of the 40k universe which is what I am trying to brush up on after a lengthy absence.

As I keep saying we live in a world where we have access to an infinite amount of info, and entertainment is boundless.  This is not an exhaustive list, there are podcasts that I haven’t even covered.  The ones above are the ones I have found inspirational, encouraging and informative… so far.