Making mistakes in your hobby is important…

Well, it is.

As hobbyists, it will happen. Maybe you will try to do a conversion that doesn’t quite work out. Maybe you’ll try a colour scheme and it ends up looking like something a character from a kids’ cartoon would throw up. Experienced hobbyists know that this is all par for the course.

What is important to remember as a new or returning hobbyist is that is ok to try something and make it a disaster. The important thing is to keep trying.

I am currently in the process of painting my space marines for the 3rd time. Luckily I like the painting.

Also, I’m used to screwing things up due to a long-standing understanding between myself and my indecision.

But the key to enjoying the hobby is accepting 2 things:

1. Eventually, you are going to try something that won’t work, looks awful or you just don’t like it.
2. It’s an inanimate object and its feelings won’t get hurt when you swear at it.

The other thing to bear in mind is that making mistakes is important because this is how you progress. It’s a hobby. Nothing is written in stone. You might find a new thing that no-one else has mentioned in the many forums that have tips and techniques.

Experiment with different mediums. I discovered that Windsor and Newton’s black is quite good for hoses on my death guard because it dries with a sheen. The way I discovered this was I lost my bottle of black paint and thought, “Huh, what’s the worst that could happen?”

It is fun to experiment. Even with colour schemes. I decided when I was painting the Polyphonic Spew that I wanted them to look different from the Games Workshop standard Plague Marine. So I went online and found this guide on how to paint Plague Marines from The Brush and Bolt Gun Site.

I didn’t have all the paints and I’m on a budget. But I had some paints, a vague idea that I wanted them to match some of the lore I had read, so I used this guide loosely and experimented with the gaps, and overall I am quite pleased with how the scheme is turning out.