How not to pick your Warhammer 40k Faction

How I discovered I was into the dark powers.

So, Warhammer 40000. The first thing you need for the game is an army and to know how to play, however, chances are you can find someone with the rules, so primarily what you need to choose in an army…

So, what you do is you rock up to your local store. You’ll be dazzled by the minis and boxes on offer for all the different Warhammer 40k factions, you’ll have a chat to the helpful and enthusiastic staff and you won’t commit fully. You’ll buy a squad. You like your squad, but you’ll need more. Next trip you’ll buy a slightly bigger box without really thinking about. Then you’ll decide you need the rules. You’ll spend a couple of weeks looking into this and decide that its actually more cost effective to go back to the shop and buy the biggest box, it comes with all the rules dice and shenanigans you need to get started and you get two warhammer 40k starter armies.

All my Warhammer 40k factions, left to right - Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Death Guard, Astra Militarum

The Four Armies


But then, you get home, open the box and now you are looking at 2 armies to assemble and paint, and the first one you haven’t finished yet and somehow along the way you have mysteriously started a fourth army… Bollocks.

What I probably should have done…

You see, I was a bit of a dick. I got all excited and dazzled by all the shinies and just went for it full steam without a plan.

When I last got into this hobby the internet was still really in its infancy. YouTube was a bit of a pipe dream. I mean shit, Napster and Myspace were still things. It’s easy to take for granted such useful tools as YouTube, Wikipedia, and even Facebook.

There is all the information that we need about pretty much anything we want. I just decided to ignore all that and just buy a crap ton of mini’s that I was pretty sure I wanted to buy.

So I bought some space wolves because, well, space Vikings, what is not to like.

This was in March 2018, I then decided to get a start collecting space wolves… then I discovered that they had just released a new edition of Warhammer 40k and this meant that they were redoing all the codex’s ( little books that have the stats and more importantly for me… the lore.) So I thought well surely they have done the Spacewolves one. They had not.

So then I thought I’ll start an Astra Militarum army. But this time I will get the codex first. I went on ebay and bought a codex. But it was for the previous edition… always read the small print.

At this point I thought ‘balls to this I’ll just buy the Dark Imperium set and then at least I’ll get the current rules and 2 armies that at the very least will work’. For the Price that this box is it is amazing value to get started. You get the core rules, a Primaris army, and a Death Guard Army.

I was all excited and started getting my models altogether and getting ready to paint. I settled on dark Angels for the Primaris, got my paint and started to crack on… and then slowly got bored with the same paint scheme over again.

And that’s when I realised which warhammer 40k faction I liked.

This is the key to the end of this whole set of shenanigans, If you get into this hobby as I intend to, then you will end up at some point having to get some paint and apply said paint a Mini and not just 1 Mini, an army of these things.

The most important thing here to not lose heart is to pick an army or a scheme that is not going to drive you batshit because you are going to be looking at these guys a lot, and it’s important not to end up resenting them… it is not their fault you picked the wrong team colours.

There is a lot of info on the internet about the lore of WH40K out there. The Warhammer community is strong, and most importantly they are a friendly bunch. There are guys like one mind syndicate, Tactica Imperialis, on youtube who have spent a lot of time looking at the fluff.

In the end, I have painted 3 different armies, nearly, and the point is that since I had stopped as a teenager my tastes had changed. I had more fun painting the Deathguard than the other armies, and they weren’t one that I would have picked had you asked me at the time. they had an interesting backstory and the models, to me, are a tad more interesting.

We’ll have to see if this changes when I get around to actually playing the game.