It’s been a long time since I posted anything. Well, this for reasons that are commonly referred to as life the universe and all the crap it slings at you while you spin plates.

Anyway, I haven’t posted in a while. This is not to say I haven’t been doing stuff, I have continued to paint and hopefully improve. I will be posting more stuff. I have plans to update A Mini Too Far, and I am currently in the process of collecting building and painting my own Chaos Warband, The Frost Mourn Raiders, which I am enjoying.

New stuff

Its been a busy start to the year and considering I only got back into the hobby in March last year I am excited about the things that are currently happening.

I am excited that I am still learning new things, and compared to last year I plan on being a lot more focused this year. I had a severe case of ‘Oooo! LOOK AT ALL THE SHINIES! GIMME!!!’

I know this is going against what I said I shouldn’t do last year, but hey we dust ourselves off we learn and hopefully, we do not repeat.

Plans and that…

Currently, I am going to be focusing on finishing my Kill Team Minis, the scenery, and as previously mentioned my Frost Mourn raiders, which I Am creating the backstory colour scheme, and all that fluffed up jazz.

I also plan to overhaul this site so that it a bit themeier(not a word), you dig?

Ooo, and more photoey things. Because… something needs to go on the site. It’s going to be fun I hope.