Coming Back

I am returning to the hobby after a long hiatus.  Things have changed a lot since the last time I picked up some glue and a paint brush and started scribbling frantically to get some paint on my minis. More importantly I’ve changed. I am trying to ‘get good’ at the hobby. Saying that, I don’t know all of the things, but I am learning. This is really the main thing I am gearing this towards. When I started again around March 2018 I walked into a wall of information.  This was kind of like trying to find a melody in white noise.

It was after the fourth or fifth time someone told me to, “thin my paints” that I realised not one of these people, who probably thought they were helping, was telling me by how much, or even, WHY?

I started to think, I can’t be the only one with no pre-knowledge on paint thickness, or the massive world of information of things that people out there seem to ‘just know’. So I started this blog for my reference and anyone else that would like to follow my ‘journey’, a term I am not fond of, but there you go, it’s out there.

As a returning hobby minionist (get used to it, we’ll be trying a few of these until one sticks), I was touched by how supportive and encouraging the whole community is.  This my attempt to take the help that I got starting and pay it forward.

I hope you enjoy the posts I put up, so far I am enjoying thinking about them and writing them!